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A New Identity for Arizona's Events Association that's Celebrates all the Ways We Come Together.


Creative Direction, Brand Strategy


When the Festivals and Events Association of Tucson and Southern Arizona (FEATSAZ) reached out to me to craft a fresh identity for their organization, they had a clear mission in mind: to connect with Arizona's event coordinators. I worked to create an identity that celebrated the area's broad-ranging events industry by connecting events professionals with the part of their job they loved the most - bringing people together.


After interviewing their marketing director and board members, it became clear that their branding efforts aimed to position them as the go-to hub for all Arizona events. Despite their diverse resources, the existing branding had a dated "2007 Party City" vibe that leaned too heavily into the "party planner" trope which limited the scope of the event coordinator. We asked, "how can we connect event coordinators from various industries together under one brand?"

How do we connect such a broad field?

I connected Arizona's diverse and varying events industry through their shared purpose with an updated brand idea: "for all the ways we come together."


The Logo Mark: Bridging Diverse Elements Together to for a Symbol of Union

The logo mark connects individual shapes together to form a symbol of unity, the plus sign. These individual elements highlight the brand's ability to bring people and events across all industries together.

An icon suite was made to capture the diversity and range of Arizona's events and allow the brand to take on a more customized approach to partnerships.


The illustration system is backed by the squares that form the logo mark to illustrate how the wide-ranging events industry under can be brought together under one brand.


I extended the brand identity system to merchandise items and cross-functional applications.


116 emails later...

The rebrand was met with overwhelming excitement by both the FEATSAZ internal team as well as their Board of Directors. Their staff continues to roll out the new identity through brand implementation opportunities coming from some of the biggest events and gatherings in Arizona. 

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