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Weaving Together Nature and Luxury to Cultivate a Sense of Home.


Oryza is a high-end residential collection of 11 villas located in West Kerala. The name Oryza, meaning cultivated rice, emerged from the land's heritage as a rice field. Referencing the themes of cultivation and heritage, I built a brand idea to symbolize Oryza Residence's core value: "Cultivating Home." The identity marries luxury with the concept of cultivation to create a sense of comfort, craftsmanship, and home.


Creative Direction, Branding, Web Design




Cultivation at the Center of Brand

Since the brand name, Oryza, paid homage to the land's history as a rice field, I wanted to explore how we could expand on the brand's heritage while showcasing the land's evolution into the housing community it is today. We explored the word, "cultivate's"  double meaning that related to both refined culture and diligent craftsmanship. We landed on a brand idea that honors the land's roots as a place of cultivation - a place that now cultivates home.

Paper Texture

Applying the Identity to Web

After establishing the brand, I created a landing page to give potential buyers an overview of the amenities, community features, and floor plans available for sale.


Oryza's new identity was met with positive reactions from both the architects and the clients and is currently being rolled out through the community's website, social media platforms, and residential signage.


The identity system creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort by combining tactile, organic textures and graphics with neutral colors and rich typography.

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